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Enwei was interested in nutrition and health at a very early age, but it wasn’t until her time in the military as an army officer that she really discovered her ability to help others when her superiors took note of her exemplary performance on the army physical fitness test and tasked her to help soldiers improve their own performances. Enwei experienced immense success with helping soldiers achieve better nutrition and health goals until she transitioned out of the army in 2015, where she then pursued a Bachelor’s in Dietetics from the University of Northern Colorado and later a Master’s in Dietetics. Along the way, Enwei went through 3 pregnancies of her own, which was when she learned just how outdated conventional guidelines can be for pregnant women. Having two hospital births with obstetricians and one home birth with a midwife, Enwei also realized there was a severe lack of prenatal nutrition information provided to pregnant women in the conventional setting. Therefore, the aim of Enwei’s services is to always provide individualized nutrition care consisting of the most recent, evidence-based scientific research to help expecting and postpartum mothers make the most informed decisions that promote optimal outcomes for both themselves and their babies, and to help them continue to live an active and healthy lifestyle afterwards.

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